Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The New Improved Jook Savages - The Night Nurses On A Control Trip (Cassette) (1989)

Hard to find cassette release, not available on CD, by The New Improved Jook Savages, on Holy Funk Records, from Port Reyes, CA. "Blistering ranting/music... not for the wimp-hearted. You haven't heard 'em even on college radio because there's so much cussing in the lyrics. NOT what you're expecting. Blows other "angry rappers" out of the water. Republicans and Limbaugh-drones WON'T like it." Vocals: The Night Nurses (Moon, Desda & Bobby Z), Guitars: Krishna Fats, Keyboards: Ira Kamin, Drums: Bill Bowen, Bass: R. Moon & Arthur Indenbaum, Harmonica: K. Fats, Engineer: Ethan Kenning, Producer: R. Moon. This band started in the 60's as a ragtag and stoned jug band playing such ultramodern instruments as the hat box cover, the kazoo, and the straw (yes, you heard me right: a plastic drinking straw, with holes cut in it, played like some sort of squeaky piccolo) along with the usual guitars, jugs, and a gutbucket bass. (see: http://billwolf.org/0162AA.htm).


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