Sunday, November 4, 2012

n|.o7_2el.}r2m-l\o#g / Ob Stokkem - Split LP (2003)

A big jumble of sound experiments, tape manipulations, noise, found sounds, prank calls, electronics and more from these two mysterious artists. This was released by Nauscopy in 2003 on clear vinyl and it was an extremely limited pressing of only 100 copies.

Music Of The Ouled Naïl & Traditional Music Of Tunisia LP (1974)

Traditional dance music from the Ouled Naïl (a confederation of Berber tribes from the Ouled Naïl mountains in Algeria) and two folk music ensembles from Tunisia, recorded in 1973 by Aisha Ali and released on vinyl in 1974 by Discs Araf from Los Angeles. Vinyl rip, bitrate 320.