Saturday, April 30, 2011

Magic Is Küntmaster - Nightsongs For Ugly Children (2003)

Solo debut from Camilla Ha (ex-vocalist of My Name Is Rar Rar). Joining dark melodies enshrouded by death-march beats all topped off with a vulgar Diamanda Galas-esque maniacal singing. Majestic and triumphant.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

P16.D4 - Distruct (1984)

Assemblage of transformed and (re)structured sound material. Recorded XII/82 to XI/84. Released I/85 as LP (Selektion SLP005) and in 94 as CD (Odd Size CDOS10). Directed by Ralf Wehowsky with Roger Schönauer, Ewald Weber, Stefan Schmidt, Gerd Neumann, Thomas Memmler and Peter Lambert. The idea for 'Distruct' was born in 1982, when Harry C. Poole of Smegma-fame - in reply to the invitation for the Selektion's 'Masse Mensch' compilation - offered to send basic tracks to be completed by P16.D4. To quote Harry: "A complete tape made thousands of miles apart". As it were, Harry never sent his tape, but RLW began to organize the 'Distruct' project at the end of 1982. Material was submitted by the 14 groups/artists named below and was used - together with P16.D4-material - to compose 'Distruct'. Participants were Bladder Flask (UK, track 6 & 8), Déficit des Années Antérieures (France, track 5), De Fabriek (The Netherlands, track 10), The Haters (Canada, track 7), Philip Johnson (UK, track 1, 7 & 8), Hiroki Kocha (Japan, track 10), Merzbow (Japan, track 8), Fredrik Nilsen (USA, track 2), Nocturnal Emissions (UK, track 2, 8 & 9), Nurse With Wound (UK, track 1), Onnyk (Yoshiaki Kinno, Japan, track 3 & 6), Harold Schellinx (The Netherlands, track 2), Die Tödliche Doris (Germany, track 2 & 5), Vortex Campaign (Belgium, track 10) and Achim Wollscheid (LP-cover, Germany).


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Excretion / Ultimo Rausea - Split 7" (1994)

Split 7" with grindcore/punk band Excretion from Perth, Western Australia and ultra fast hardcore punk band Ultimo Rausea from Kanazawa, Japan. Released in 1994 by the German Ecocentric label.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Josef N - Josef N (2002)

The sound of this debut album by German artist Josef N is characterized by ritual landscapes influenced by Indian and Arab sonorities, with some anguished dark-ambient walls of sound, brutal distortions and celestial female voices. Also very particular and obsessive German speeches put an obscure atmosphere to an album that can be compared to acts like Toroidh, DDR or early Der Blutharsch.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chimuser / Other Peoples Children - 5x Misery CDR (2005)

"Chimuser (or any of his countless other ridiculous monikers) continues to give new meanings to rubbish. Ever woke up in the gutter, sweating in your own smoldering puke ? Creepy hissing layers of haunted violin manipulations and worthless objects turned into magnificent pieces of crap. No sleep and cheap gutwrenching beer are the fuel for non talent junknoise muzak. A minimal dense composition, we were lucky to caught him in one of his emo moments. Did we say dense ? Up next are the rising youngsters of harsh noise Other Peoples Children displaying their tormented stormcock. Corrosive feedback and burning distortion injected with enough youngblood energy to lay down a mammoth. Packaged in spraypainted jewel cases with glued metal objects and utter trash, most likely the dirtiest product yet under the banner of Audiobot. Limited to only 40 copies and praise the lord for that..." ~Audiobot.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Various - Bunker Archeology (1996)

Industrial/experimental/dark ambient compilation CD released in 1996 on the now defunct Noise Museum label from France. Featuring Vance Orchestra (The Netherlands), Myiase (Switzerland), Telepherique (Germany), Söldnergeist (Germany), Daniel Menche (USA), Voice Of Eye (USA), In Be Tween Noise (USA) and Ultra Milkmaids (France).


DDR - Verlogener Realismus (2002)

DDR embodies an extreme left-wing imagery, mixing original apocalyptic atmospheres reminding of a catastrophic interpretation of the socialist/industrial music school. With 'Verlogener Realismus', DDR presents a collage that announces this awesome martial music, mixing noises with apocalyptic sounds, anguished samples and hypnotic loops.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Din A Testbild - Programm 2 (1981)

Second album by German experimental electronic band featuring Mark Eins and Funky Götzner (Ton Steine Scherben/Terra Brasilis), mixed, mastered and produced by Klaus Schulze (also on sequencer). Released in 1981 on Schulze's Innovative Communication label.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Erthad - Gma CDR (2007, rec. 2002)

Russian project Erthad, originating from Kazan, exists since the late 90's, but until now still hasn't made any official releases and preferred to stay in the underground, recording music only for himself and his friends. 'Gma' was recorded in 2002 with the use of voice and software noise synthesizers. If one says that the album's style is called 'ambient noise' - is to say almost nothing. The disc has a very specific atmosphere: this is a noise meditation, calm and detached from emotional fuss. An intuitive electronic pulse synchronizes with brain frequencies, rising and falling waves of non-aggressive white noise pacify thoughts, and constantly rustling high frequencies when listened to attentively evoke dissociative sensation, dissolving perception in the sonic field. However, everything as always depends on a listener himself. ~Zhelezobeton.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Zweetkutten - Demo 1982

Second tape by this hardcore punk band from Alkmaar, The Netherlands. The recording quality is a bit better than their earlier tape. Bitrate 160 unfortunately, so if anyone has better quality versions, let us know.


Taint / Smell & Quim / Con-Dom - Perversion At All Costs (1996)

Power electronics/noise 3CD box released by Red Stream in 1996, featuring Taint (USA) (album title: Perverse), Smell & Quim (UK) (album title: Oral) and Con-Dom (UK) (album title: The Beautiful).

Part 1
Part 2