Tuesday, April 26, 2011

P16.D4 - Distruct (1984)

Assemblage of transformed and (re)structured sound material. Recorded XII/82 to XI/84. Released I/85 as LP (Selektion SLP005) and in 94 as CD (Odd Size CDOS10). Directed by Ralf Wehowsky with Roger Schönauer, Ewald Weber, Stefan Schmidt, Gerd Neumann, Thomas Memmler and Peter Lambert. The idea for 'Distruct' was born in 1982, when Harry C. Poole of Smegma-fame - in reply to the invitation for the Selektion's 'Masse Mensch' compilation - offered to send basic tracks to be completed by P16.D4. To quote Harry: "A complete tape made thousands of miles apart". As it were, Harry never sent his tape, but RLW began to organize the 'Distruct' project at the end of 1982. Material was submitted by the 14 groups/artists named below and was used - together with P16.D4-material - to compose 'Distruct'. Participants were Bladder Flask (UK, track 6 & 8), Déficit des Années Antérieures (France, track 5), De Fabriek (The Netherlands, track 10), The Haters (Canada, track 7), Philip Johnson (UK, track 1, 7 & 8), Hiroki Kocha (Japan, track 10), Merzbow (Japan, track 8), Fredrik Nilsen (USA, track 2), Nocturnal Emissions (UK, track 2, 8 & 9), Nurse With Wound (UK, track 1), Onnyk (Yoshiaki Kinno, Japan, track 3 & 6), Harold Schellinx (The Netherlands, track 2), Die Tödliche Doris (Germany, track 2 & 5), Vortex Campaign (Belgium, track 10) and Achim Wollscheid (LP-cover, Germany).


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