Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chimuser / Other Peoples Children - 5x Misery CDR (2005)

"Chimuser (or any of his countless other ridiculous monikers) continues to give new meanings to rubbish. Ever woke up in the gutter, sweating in your own smoldering puke ? Creepy hissing layers of haunted violin manipulations and worthless objects turned into magnificent pieces of crap. No sleep and cheap gutwrenching beer are the fuel for non talent junknoise muzak. A minimal dense composition, we were lucky to caught him in one of his emo moments. Did we say dense ? Up next are the rising youngsters of harsh noise Other Peoples Children displaying their tormented stormcock. Corrosive feedback and burning distortion injected with enough youngblood energy to lay down a mammoth. Packaged in spraypainted jewel cases with glued metal objects and utter trash, most likely the dirtiest product yet under the banner of Audiobot. Limited to only 40 copies and praise the lord for that..." ~Audiobot.


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