Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Anadorei - 7" EP (2003)

6 track 7" EP by Japanese punk band Anadorei, released in 2003 on the Dutch Freaked Out Frequencies label. Great review: "Words can't do justice to the feeling of paying seven bucks for a single that is described as "three cute Japanese girls playing trashy noise punk" that actually ends up being three dick-nasty skanks playing god-awful hardcore sludge with the most annoyingly high pitched screeching vocals my ears have ever been subjected to. I could repeatedly stab my ear with a rusty shank for ten minutes and it would be more pleasurable than listening to this shit. Side A consists of five "songs" with titles like "69 N Hole" and "Hell On Earth" (actually, that last one pretty accurately describes the experience of not only hearing this sonic refuse, but doing so with the knowledge that you PAID SEVEN BUCKS FOR IT. What I won't do for you, the loyal TB audience!) with an unbearably LOOOONG cover of Black Sabbath's 'Sweet Leaf' taking up the entire b-side. Fuck, this is so unbelievably bad. If anyone has the nerve to even tell you that this record doesn't suck (let alone that it's good) please reprimand their erroneous appraisal by beating their nutsack in with a crowbar. Repeat if necessary. That might sound harsh, but trust me, they'll feel a lot better with a sack that resembles some regurgitated ground chuck than you would if you actually plunked down seven dollars for this." ~Steven Strange/Terminal Boredom


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  1. no way to resist it. downloading as i'm typing this.