Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Maria Zerfall - Kopfkrieg 1985-1995

"Like a ghost of Fassbinder's spirit of post-war Germany Maria Zerfall have arose - mechanic Maria from Fritz Lang's “Metropolis”, the archaic Goddess of her personal cults, the ruthless destructive messenger of the sonic Armageddon - ashes to ashes, sound to sound, devastation to devastation: claustrophobia to claustrophobia. The industrial mantras, rough springs of low bass, perforate static ultra-noises and amplitude vibrations, monotonous droning eclipses, chaotic naked distressing echoes, sting poison groans of mysterious signals, larynx wheezing from reflections of the steel death, decadence of depressed machines. Combined with the lonely monotonous monologues in German it seems it looks like a dying whale cry, like a German military disco in the Gas Camera of Europe, like a war - no taboo, no limit, no mercy!…" ~Igor Vaganov 1999



  1. neato. never seen this one but i have a cassette & lp. spooky dookers

  2. This was released 11 years ago by Membrum Debile Propaganda. No further info on the cover, but it seems to be a compilation of tracks from cassettes...