Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pislarven - Strak en Stuiterend (Live in Parkhof 27-05-1995)

Pislarven was a hardcore punk band from the Parkhof scene in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, active in the mid-90s. First line up consisted of Ruudje on vocals, Bertje Doperwtje on guitar, Wørm (ex-Disciples of Tonka) on bass and Tesselaar aka Sjakie (later Mindfok and many more bands) on drums. After Sjakie moved to Groningen, Lennaert from Boycot and countless other bands replaced him on drums. Bertje Doperwtje was already replaced much earlier by Leus (ex-Convulsion and Disciples of Tonka on guitar. They played a sort of distorted Japanese style hardcore with Dutch lyrics.



  1. This rules, and so does your blog.

  2. thx, was playing bass in this band in the mid-90s...