Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Bloody Occurrence CDR (2005)

Transatlantic gruesome team-up of SCHIZOID (one leg DIRK FREENOISE, one arm swinging the axe of The Zoid and partly braindead) and SHARKI FACE (part-time cheerleader in CRACK WAR and mysteriously part of the neon entity known as CAROLINER RAINBOW). Stuttering no-wave feedback and molten noise lava snorted at intense volumes. Like throwing slow-motion snowballs and gargling absinth in the snow, we've tried but we're not any wiser. Strings are raped, datacrushing effect swirl and non-wave dancefloor-friendly noise clouds. Will have you air-guitaring all over the place! The multi-color handsilkscreened big poster-sleeve was designed by full-time bum and part-time cripple Jelle Crama. Limited to 100 copies.


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