Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bonsho - Japanese Temple Bells 8-17th Century (1984)

The Bonsho is the large temple bell. It is suspended inside the shoro constructed specifically to house the bell. The Japanese character "bon" is used to express purity. Because the Bonsho is used for Buddhist Services it is given this honorific title. The Seattle Betsuin uses the Bonsho in a very unique style. Although the Bonsho is traditionally only rung prior to the service to let the "assembly" know that the service will begin, the Bonsho at the Betsuin is also rung after the beginning of the service and is used as a focal point during our "Bonsho Meditation". Listening to the Bonsho may remind us of the words found in the beginning of the Heike Mono-gatari: "The voice of the bell at the Jetavana grove resounds with (the teaching of) all conditioned things are impermanent..."



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